Canvas Earring Replenishment

Spring break for me means the opportunity to catch up on projects, try a new recipe or two on loved ones, slow down for a few meals or a hike with family and just breathe. I still have a few commissions on my plate but I am not allowing myself to sweat furiously this week! The projects I am catching up on are ones that I truly enjoy. We started running low on canvas earrings so I took this week as an opportunity to get a new batch going. Batches of canvas earrings take days to complete but I get to slow down, turn on an episode of my favorite shows (which I am also weeks behind on!) and create earrings. If it is the morning I have coffee by my side. If it is the evening I often have a glass of wine by my side while creating the earrings. Stay tuned for some printmaking therapy I’ve also done this week!