Claire Dunaway Studios: On The Road

It’s road trip time!  Although Claire and I will try our hardest to keep technology out of our lives for the next 2 weeks (yeah, right), we plan on posting every few days.  Claire is taking me on Old Route 66 and for me, as many times as I’ve driven across the country (at least 18) this will be my first trip on this iconic American highway.  Her show at the Strand Theater a few years ago featured pieces based on what she saw on her first trip across Route 66 to come visit me while I was still living in Utah.   Claire has always talked about Santa Fe and I’m really looking forward to seeing it for the first time with her.


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Americana The Beautiful: The Setup

First Friday Art Walk Set Up

As is customary in our relationship, every time Claire has a big show I’m the one to help set it up.  She’s the creative talent, I’m the muscle.

Her shows usually involve a scramble to finish up the final touches on her pieces, late nights making canvas earrings (yes, I do make canvas earrings) and lot’s of instant coffee.  This show is a little different because of Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday, Bonny Reavis at The Brickyard At Marietta Station had invited us to set up Claire’s American flags a few days early before the show.


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The Story Behind The Canvas | Roadside Inspirations

Being Claire’s husband has certain privileges. Other than having an awesome wife who makes incredible Shrimp ‘N Grits, likes college football and will take any road trip with me I also get a front row seat to what goes on behind the scenes in her studio. When we were living in Utah she took a photography course at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Her instructor used a term to describe a condition called “Annoying Travel Companion Syndrome.”

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Marietta Events | Americana The Beautiful

Marietta First Friday Art Walk

‘Americana the Beautiful’ will feature the patriotic and nostalgic artwork from Marietta artist Claire Dunaway. The works on display will include a series of original American flags, a wall full of works on paper, prints, canvas earrings and a gallery of works on canvas all with an ‘Americana’ theme. Food, drinks and a photo booth with patriotic props in addition to all of the art will make this a night full of good ‘ol American fun for the whole family! This is a part of the always fabulous Art Walk taking place all around the Marietta Square; it’s a night not to be missed!

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