The Charity of Art; the Art of Charity


Art For Charity: Donating Art From An Artists Perspective

Most artists are extremely charitable people. It goes along with the profession; there is a certain degree of feeling and emotion in everything we create as artists and in the way many artists view the world around us. Worthwhile causes strike a cord and tug at the heartstrings of most of us (many of you know that I’m a sucker for helpless animals among other amazing causes). There are so many fabulous charities that make such a big difference that turn to artists for much needed fundraising efforts and artists are often happy to give what they can. Art raises an astonishing amount of money for some extremely worthwhile charities. This post is for both artists and for those who seek art for charity fundraising.


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Confession and Gratitude

If you know me you probably know that writing a post about recognition or honors received is rather uncomfortable for me. I am much more comfortable sharing the latest doggie adventure in the studio. But I owe it to those that believe in me and took the time and care to nominate me for two extraordinary things to write about it. I also feel the need to recognize the amazing people in my life that made it possible for me even to be on the radar to be nominated. I’m not trying to build up the recognition (or myself especially) to be more than it is but rather to just give thanks and to accept the recognition with great appreciation (I am terrible at accepting gifts as well!).


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A Ring with a little Broken Dream

The title is a little sad, I know. I promise to have a happy ending; we artists that like to create happy endings tend to find a way.

Let me also say that before I started writing this post I did some research on doing a negative post about a person or business. After all, the only post I have written that points out a potential negative was the detective challenge for Clifford Bailey versus Todd White (I still get curious emails and comments on that one!). I found out that libel is only when someone puts out untruths with the intention to harm. Being that I am writing our factual experience with this jeweler and have the email exchanges and broken rings/pictures to prove these truths I will put our experience out there for others to read. So, here goes…


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This blog post is not about a recent painting or festival trip. It is about a recent experience (should I call it a 'get to know the artist' post?). Perhaps…

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