October Newsletter

I’ve missed sending several newsletters and creating new blog posts lately but I promise I have a good excuse! The house (including my studio and the office of Jason Cyr Design) went under contract in August and we closed in September. It’s been a very exciting time and although I’ve moved out of small spaces with limited items in college and in Park City, I have never moved out of an entire house. My hat is off to those of you who move out of a house with kids; I cannot imagine! The amount of pouting that came from me when Jason forced me to pack things when I was not in the mood to do so was equivalent to 10 kids and my art materials were enough to fill half a pod.

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A Fun Filled July!

Summer has wrapped up and it is back to school time! That means that my blissful time as a full time artist is reduced to part time bliss of creating and full time bliss of teaching. In case you’ve been following along, I won’t bore you with a summer recap (but do check out the pictures and posts from ‘Americana the Beautiful‘ and our road trip if you haven’t already do so!).


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