A “Lucky” Painting…

Some of you may know that I have a soft spot for pitbulls. As much as I adore this misunderstood breed, it is rare that I get an order to paint one. I was beyond excited when I got the order to paint Lucky. It was hard to pick out just one photo to work from; he’s such a ham and quite photogenic! Lucky is a lucky rescue pup. I think that he spreads a feeling of luck all around as seen in all of the hilarious outfits his Mama puts on him and the smiles he brings to the faces all around him! I certainly felt lucky to have the honor of painting sweet Lucky! The Lucky painting was a present from my sister-in-law’s brother to his wife.


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Christmas Art Commissions

Here are a few of the Christmas commissions out of Claire Dunaway Studios this year. In the mix of wonderfully adorable dogs I was lucky enough to be chosen to paint, I got to paint a large ’57 Chevy as well. Due to our move I took on a few less Christmas commissions this year to ensure that each painting got the time and attention it deserved.

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A Gift Idea for the Art Lover in Your Life!

The months leading up to Christmas are usually the busiest time for me and I am grateful for several events and many commissions of mostly canine love (and some feline and car love, too!). The window is closing on Christmas orders as I am careful to ensure that each commission gets the love and attention it deserves.


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Pet Portrait Testimonial | Nora

I found Claire Dunaway through a mutual friend on facebook, and I knew from looking at her pet portraits that she was the perfect artist to paint a portrait of my sweet German Short Haired Pointer, Nora. Nora has so much personality, and is an extra special dog because she is a rescue. I gave Claire several pictures of Nora, and she captured her zany personality completely. Nora’s portrait hangs in my den, and I always remind her how special she is, because she’s the only one in the family who has had a portrait commissioned.


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Pet Portrait Testimonial | Bugatti

I (we) absolutely LOVE BOTH of our paintings! It was amazing to us how you captured his character and expression in the painting. I have had several people say that they love the “photo” and them I tell them it is a painting and they can’t believe it!!! You are such a joy to work with too! I can’t wait for more Claire Dunaway artwork!


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