Sketchbook Series | Trinity School Dog Pack

I had the huge honor of creating two paintings with two third grade classes of lil’ artists at the Trinity School in Atlanta. One painting ended up being cars (Atlanta traffic to be exact) and the other painting consisted of dogs (duh!). Here are the preliminary sketches for the dog painting. The end results were beautiful and I was lucky to have such talented little artists to make these ideas come to fruition so nicely!


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A Little Place Called Assspen….

From New Mexico we travelled up a pretty mountain drive to Carbondale, Colorado. During each of our three full days in Colorado we did pretty intense but gorgeous hikes up to mountain lakes. The dogs handled it like champs and they adored the lake and stream swims along each hike. I’ll go ahead and pat Jason and myself on the back for a pretty good job as well, although we both might admit that starting a mountain hike at 9500 feet and going up from there is not as easy as it used to be! Jason and I both agree that the town itself with the adjacent mountains and surroundings of Aspen, Colorado might be one of our favorites anywhere.


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Santa Fe and Madrid, New Mexico…Artist paradise!

I adore Santa Fe. ADORE it. Madrid (pronounced MAD-rid), too. I not only love them for the amazing art scene but also for the people scene and the unique finds everywhere one turns. This trip comes at a perfect time. Although I loved every minute of preparations, I am a little burned out from burning the midnight oil getting all of the art done for “Americana the Beautiful;” I needed an “art-lift” and some time to enjoy some (err… a LOT) of beautiful artwork along with the amazing outdoor beauty in this part of the country. It is so easy to see where these amazing artists around here get their inspiration.


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Sketchbook Series | Faces

I had a self-portrait assignment during my senior of high school. As much as I dreaded that project (I disliked drawing people as I felt that I was not good at it and thus avoided anything other than cartoon-ish drawings of people), it was a project that acted as a springboard for the confidence I would need to go into the art program in college. I appreciate Ashley Hosey very much; I am sure I was not the most pleasant high schooler when given that assignment! The faces below are actually sketches during my time at the Creative Circus in Atlanta. I was creating book covers of typography faces. The larger profile sketch ended up being created in all words as the front cover and a variation of the big eye/little eye sketch was created in all words for the back cover.


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Route 66

It’s our third trip across the southern route of the country. In my personal opinion, the parts of Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas one goes through to merge with Route 66 in Oklahoma City are not the prettiest but are well worth it to hit Route 66. The last two times we went along this path the “we” included Tacoma and I. It was our fearless girl’s adventure. Now we have added two elements to our “we”: Aspen and Jason. Jason is really putting the kabosh on our prior habit of going into abandoned areas for great pictures (did I invite my husband or Dad along on this trip?) but we are having a BLAST! I am taking pictures of a lot of my beloved scenes from years ago. One of the coolest things is that the “Cafe Shell” sign that was “–fe Shell” four years ago is now just “—- Shell.” The wind and elements have taken another two letters out. I didn’t get photo of that; that person that keeps us from calling it a “girl’s trip” didn’t want to turn around near Amarillo.


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