Santa Fe and Madrid, New Mexico…Artist paradise!

Santa Fe and Madrid, New Mexico…Artist paradise!

I adore Santa Fe. ADORE it. Madrid (pronounced MAD-rid), too. I not only love them for the amazing art scene but also for the people scene and the unique finds everywhere one turns. This trip comes at a perfect time. Although I loved every minute of preparations, I am a little burned out from burning the midnight oil getting all of the art done for “Americana the Beautiful;” I needed an “art-lift” and some time to enjoy some (err… a LOT) of beautiful artwork along with the amazing outdoor beauty in this part of the country. It is so easy to see where these amazing artists around here get their inspiration.

One of my favorite things about Santa Fe and Madrid is that everyone is so stinkin’ friendly. I could walk into a gallery with “I’m a starving artist” written across my shirt and I am convinced that everyone would still be just as lovely (in Park City there were several galleries in which nobody would speak to me as I don’t look the part of ‘art collector’). I have a rule that I don’t ever talk about being an artist as sometimes that conversation takes away from taking it all in nor am I there with any motivation besides being rejuvenated (and a few small scale art purchases of course)!

Because most of you have heard about Santa Fe, let me tell you a tiny bit about Madrid. It was originally a little coal mining town in the mountains just outside of Santa Fe. It boomed back in the day and then became a ghost town in the 1950’s as the coal market went down. In the 1970’s a few of the old structures in the town were rented to artists and as more and more people started to come back to Madrid as a bit of a retreat from the city and a place to create the town was “re-born.” The people are quirky and fun. Dogs run loose. Everyone is an artist or just has the artistic spirit (and not in an annoying way in the least, because you know how some of those artists can be). Everyone wants to talk and they want to know your story (I had to warn my sweet husband, aka “verbal diarrhea’ not to get caught for too long). My FAVORITE shop is Weasel and Fitz. It’s all recycled art. And for being such a good customer and returning (and purchasing) every time I pass through, the owner gave me some poo flowers. Yep, grown with elephant poo. They don’t smell; believe me, I tried.

From there we headed up north to Angel Fire, NM via the “High Road,” another art paradise!  I’ll post more about that later!

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