Resolved to this…

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2011?!?! I have never had just one resolution. I don’t know how many resolutions that I have actually kept 100%. This year I am making a few resolutions that are more open-ended so as to allow for some feel good wiggle room. Have you made yours?
I resolve to:
-Be a kid more
-Do BETTER with my nails (there is my wiggle room if I don’t quit biting entirely)
-Be MORE organized
-Sketch more
-Write down the seemingly insignificant things that fit into a bigger significance
-Pray more
Tacoma resolves to:
-Loose weight or face the consequence of diet food
-Take more roadtrips
Aspen resolves to:
-Be nicer to her big sister
-Be less of a PITA

And may we all never forget to notice the small things…
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