Festival Notations…

I went to the Virginia Highlands Summerfest on Saturday. There were beautiful blue skies overhead but the crowd seemed a little thinner than normal due to this crazy heat. The art was still fabulous and the people-watching was entertaining nonetheless. As I walked in a security-guard looking guy was carrying a girl that appeared to have fainted. He was calling for icepacks and water as he got her into the first aid tent. Yep. That’s how hot it was. My mental notations today and a few words of advice from a self-appointed critic (ha!):

1. Cell phone artists. One photographer last year at the Piedmont Art Festival lost a sale from me because he was too busy chatting on his cell to an apparent buddy to acknowledge that I was standing in his booth waiting for him. Another artist at the Folk Fest almost lost a sale from me but I loved his sculpture so stinkin’ much I waited for him to get off the phone. But that was nothing compared to the artist that was smoking in the entryway to his booth. What? I wanted to take a closer look at his work but I didn’t feel like going through the cloud of smoke to get in there.

2. Dudes that walk around art festivals topless. Even if you technically look good topless you are labeling yourself as a cheeser. I know that it’s not fair that the ladies can walk around in airy tube and halter tops and you have to wear a t-shirt (y’all have the wife beater option but that’s a little questionable, too) but it occured to me today that it’s not fair that dudes can typically make it out of the sweltering port-o-pots in half the time as the ladies and that’s not fair either. Some dudes spend the money to get airbrushed to justify having their shirts off. Nope, this was not the tattoo festival and that was not a tattoo.

3. People love those handmade frozen pops so much that they will stand in the sun 15 people deep to get one for $3 a pop (ha… pun intended!). I didn’t get one today. But we got some at Inman several weeks ago. They were sooooo good. Pinapple Cilantro was my flavor of choice I believe? Mmmmm…

4. I’m going to blog about pricing so I’ll save that until later. But I made it out of the festival with only purchasing a stamped ring and a cup of lemonade from a kid’s charity stand. This is pretty amazing; just ask my fiance. I don’t make it out of art festivals without at least a few purchases. I can’t help it; I love art. And I love supporting artists, too. 🙂 My new water heater ate my festival money though. And then some. Two of my favorites are later this year (Piedmont Festival and Folk Fest) and I can’t wait! Jason usually finds a way to take the day off to act as my wallet chaperone for those festivals. 🙂

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