August Update

Happy School Year to all of you parents and grandparents! School started this week and we’re off to a running start with all of the little artists at Ford! After about five minutes of reminders of classroom expectations combined with the “stinky cheese” look (that’s my stern teacher face) each grade level dove into their first project. The little artists are on a deadline, too. We have our Square One Art fundraiser project and our Cobb EMC Card contest both due in October and we’re starting off fabulously! The start of school means that Ms. Dunaway (soon to be Mrs. Cyr) no longer gets to enjoy her few weeks of summer as a full time artist…

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Mural Spin

I was lucky enough to be asked to paint a mural for Wellstar Health Place's new spin studio called "The Spin Zone." If my memory serves me correctly the wall…

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