A “Lucky” Painting…

Some of you may know that I have a soft spot for pitbulls. As much as I adore this misunderstood breed, it is rare that I get an order to paint one. I was beyond excited when I got the order to paint Lucky. It was hard to pick out just one photo to work from; he’s such a ham and quite photogenic! Lucky is a lucky rescue pup. I think that he spreads a feeling of luck all around as seen in all of the hilarious outfits his Mama puts on him and the smiles he brings to the faces all around him! I certainly felt lucky to have the honor of painting sweet Lucky! The Lucky painting was a present from my sister-in-law’s brother to his wife.


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Trinity School In Atlanta | Spotlight on Art 2013!

Spotlight on Art is almost here! If you are into art and live in the Atlanta area this is a “must see” event! I am honored to be among so many amazing artists again this year. The show is an amazing mix of established artists such as Penley and Boomershine as well as unknown emerging artists. Even with a wide variety of artists and mediums present, the show is amazingly harmonious and the work of each artist seems come compliment the next. The show is a fun treat for all to see whether one has art shopping on the list or is simply an admirer of the arts.

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Lifebook 2013- A fun class and some personal tweaks…

Lifebook 2013 is a year long online course with lessons from over 20 instructors. I signed up for it for several reasons… I want to sketch more and I want to commit to doing some art that is not directly for the classroom or customer orders. I am also going to need some PLU’s in a few years when I renew my teaching certificate so I thought I would get a leg up and apply for credit with this course. I don’t always have time to learn about and try out new materials and techniques for my personal art or the classroom; reading about the materials list and lessons from last year’s Lifebook was especially exciting!


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My Old Paintbrush

That brush doesn’t look like much but it is my most valuable tool. I’ve had it since college. I think that I must have gotten it sometime in 2001. It started as a brush for oil painting and then it turned into an acrylic brush when I converted to acrylics. It is my “eraser” paintbrush. You see, it’s not very good at laying down beautiful strokes of paint anymore but it is most excellent at removing paint and giving a fabulous rough texture stroke when removing paint if I ask it to. It does all sorts of neat things as long as I don’t ask it to do smooth and shiny.


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