Alma Thomas Lives on in our Paintings…

This is a new project for us this year and as much as I loved it, I think that the little artists loved it even more! It was inspired by my standards (sometimes annoying, but sometimes those standards lead to cool projects, too!) requiring us to look at a Georgia artist, Black History Month and our upcoming art show. It was amazing to see the little 2nd grade artists take this project so seriously, close their eyes to visualize outside places dear to their hearts and so willingly create art with such personal meaning. It was also an amazing catalyst for discussion and sharing among the tiny artists. I think that we all need to draw on our inner Alma Thomas right now, “Through color I have sought to concentrate on beauty and happiness, rather than on man’s inhumanity to man.” You can find the full lesson plan at The Artsy Fart.

Find the PowerPoint that I use for my introduction to this truly amazing and inspiring artist below. Resources are listed; feel free to use use this for your educational purposes!

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